Commitment and self-demand are the keys to Álvaro Salazar’s success

Chef Álvaro Salazar is constantly winning awards for his work and creativity at the burners. In 2017, he was named Balearic Islands Chef of the Year by the specialized press and, in 2018, he won the title Chef of the Year at the Alimentaria food fair. Moreover, he’s been on the list of chefs with a Michelin star on the island for three straight years.

How has he been able to achieve all this is record time?

There’s only one word to explain it: self-demand. Despite his youth, Salazar has gone about achieving milestone after milestone in his career thanks to his firm and determined attitude which makes him strict on himself and fills his work with meaning. Always looking to the future, he’s constantly identifying new challenges and goals all while enjoying simply doing things well. In line with this philosophy, chef Álvaro Salazar and his entire team have taken yet another step forward in their experience, beginning a new era of excitement and perseverance. “Self-demand is the biggest commitment and that’s how we decided to move to Park Hyatt Mallorca. It’s a daring and motivating change that falls right in with our expectations,” says the chef.