What is Voro?

VORO is the name of the all-new culinary experience offered by Álvaro Salazar at Park Hyatt Mallorca. It’s a noun the prestigious chef personally searched for and chose due to its meaning and etymological origin. The word Voro comes from the Latin vorare, the meaning of which is: eat avidly, devour, feast, eat quickly, anxiously and with a big appetite or a bit savagely, consuming food in a voracious way.

This concept is closely tied to Álvaro Salazar’s work philosophy which prioritizes the flavour and desire to keep on tasting and experimenting after each bite. It’s a short, direct and easy-to-remember name. It’s one of those that get stuck in your mind as quickly as his delicious dishes. What’s more, Voro by Park Hyatt Mallorca is a reflection of admiration and meticulous details. His menus have something for everyone. For those who love: Meat, carni-VORO Fish, pisci-VORO Fruit, frugi-VORO Vegetables, herbi-VORO Smoked foods, fumi-VORO