Álvaro Salazar receives the Michelin Star for VORO restaurant

at Park Hyatt Mallorca

It was in March 2019 when Chef Álvaro Salazar, already recognized internationally and with three consecutive Michelin Stars on his resume, presented his new project to the world, the VORO restaurant, located in the heart of Park Hyatt Mallorca (Canyamel).

With his subtle and rebellious gastronomic concept, the young chef set himself the goal of conquering the culinary world and the hotel guests.

Today, just over half a year later, on November 20, VORO receives the Michelin Star, a prestigious award that rewards his amazing new culinary experience, located in the northeast of the Balearic Islands. “This is only the beginning, my gaze is on reaching the Stars”, says the young chef.

"VORO means devouring in Latin," explains the cook with a wink. It is a noun that the chef researched personally and selected for its importance and etymological origin. A concept closely related to the philosophy of Álvaro Salazar, which emphasizes the taste and desire to taste and experience beyond every bite. It is a short name, direct and easy to remember.

The free spirit cuisine is the concept that best defines the cuisine of Salazar. It is a contemporary kitchen without restrictions, with fresh local products, a young, free, bold and modern recipe book.

VORO proposes two tasting menus in constant evolution (11-course Voro menu and 15-Devoro menu) and a worked wine list that contains more than 200 national and international references.

Álvaro Salazar is originally from Andalusia, and his love for cooking started at a young age. When he was a small child, he helped his aunt Luisa prepare meals in the family kitchen. This early appointment led him, at the age of sixteen, to begin his cooking studies at the Culinary Arts and Crafts School of Córdoba. After training in different prestigious restaurants such as El Tragabuches in Málaga, El Portal-Echaurren in La Rioja and the Gastro de Sergi Arola restaurant in Madrid, he was chosen “Chef of the Balearic Islands” in 2017 by the specialized press.

In March 2018, he and his second on board, María Cano, were crowned winners of the "Chef of the Year" (Alimentaria) contest.

Since March 2019, he has been creating magical menus in VORO at Park Hyatt Mallorca with the team that accompanied him at the Argos restaurant in recent years; including Mario Wolgast as restaurant manager, María Cano as second in the kitchen, Raúl Linares and Joan Escalas as cooks and Sela Priego as pastry chef.

The year 2019 holds another milestone in the professional career of Álvaro Salazar, as he receives the Star for VORO. The goal now is to continue working with an eye on the Stars.